Sunday, 28 November 2010


OMFG this is my dream band i would love to be in one day, even though i'm still only learning the guitar and  
am pretty useless at it there is still hope. 

The image is probably just as important as the music when you're talking about a rock band. Messy bleached out hair, heavy eye make-up, tight skinny jeans, ripped fishnets, cheeky shorts, biker boots and t.shirts with the f*** word on them, you have to admit is PFA. Pretty frickin awesome.

So as you have realized i'm pretty much into the whole sex, drugs & rock n roll thing. Sadly theirs not a chance in living hell that my mum would let me get into that kind of lifestyle, she would tie me up and start hitting me with the guitar most probably. So a don't think the rock band thing is gonna happen. Well not in this lifetime.... or the next one.

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