Friday, 27 August 2010


Designer of the moment Proenza Schouler goes gothic with bleached hair, suspenders and a lotta leather.

Love the hair and lips in this pic.

Runway pictures.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

my fortnight shopping list!!!

Fortnight shopping

First on my list, this very rare vintage st anthony medallion neckless. from spanish moss
i' m obsessed with dresses right now and this one is the type of thing that i' m into. Available at topshop by kate moss.
Aww the Angel Jackson bags are sooooo adorable, this ones my favourite. available at urban outfitters.
P.S. Any one know where i can find a vintage chanel slip.

Monday, 23 August 2010


From Courtney Love to Kurt Cobain, the 90s definitely had a big impact!!!

Babydoll dresses, gnarly tights, studded leather jackets; Courtney Love described her style as KINDERWHORE and i and every other 13 year old girl i know went crazy. She made torn up vintage dresses, slips and bleached blonde hair all the rage in 94, and as well as undergoing at least 7 style transformations, she always managed to impress me. I always look up to her for style advise, pity she didn't just stay the same FORREVVEERRRR, because i still look back on that moment as STYLE DEFINING for me. PS: That sassy cover? so fetch.

Another pic of courtney, love the vintage-like neckless.

Drew Barrymore did the nineties really well with the daisy clips, ringlets, slip dresses, dark lips and especially those guess ads.

Kurt Cobain is one of my favourites, he was the no' 1 nineties icon, fronting the post grunge band nirvana was a great acheivement in itself but what i looked at most was his style, band t.shirts, plaid shirts, oversized cardigans and studded belts. simply genius.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


Since i was at least 3 years old i've been obsessed with Alice In Wonderland, its my favourite book and film, disney' s version was definitely a classic and tim burton' s latest release lives right up to it' s standerds. But what i loved most about it was how it was mysterious, amusing, the nonsense, the promiscuous adventures i could do this for hours, i should stop.

Such an awesome picture from disney' s alice in wonderland, my favourite version. And OMG that rabbit is awesome.

This is definitely the best part from Alice In Wonderland, the mad hatter is sooooo awesomesly crazy and the march hare is rawrsome.


A picture from Tim Burton' s adaption of alice in wonderland.

The original drawing of alice.


Sooooo i'm really into vintage right now and what goes around comes around and one vintage are my favourites. I also love Spanish Moss.

Perla Dress - Click to enlarge

This dress is from what goes around comes around. Its from their new Autumn/winter range which i think is truly fabnosity. Vintage inspired with a splash of 80s rock & roll, bliss.....
One Vintage Soraya dress

One vintage, another one of my fav vintage stores is AMAZING. The dress shown above is kinda girlie which i' m not really into but for this one i' ll make an exception. BTW this range is only available at net a porter.

OMG i am totally obsessed with spanish moss right now and this burnout tank dress is bad ass. 


Strawberry Shortcake was always my little fashion idol growing up and TBH she still is. Her cute little patchwork dresses and stripy tights were always sooooo adorable.

OMG i absolutely loved her cat custard, she was sooooooooo cute. 

Angel Cake my favourite from the shortcake friends.

Strawberry shortcake and some of her friends, sooooo fricken LEGANDARY.