Monday, 23 August 2010


From Courtney Love to Kurt Cobain, the 90s definitely had a big impact!!!

Babydoll dresses, gnarly tights, studded leather jackets; Courtney Love described her style as KINDERWHORE and i and every other 13 year old girl i know went crazy. She made torn up vintage dresses, slips and bleached blonde hair all the rage in 94, and as well as undergoing at least 7 style transformations, she always managed to impress me. I always look up to her for style advise, pity she didn't just stay the same FORREVVEERRRR, because i still look back on that moment as STYLE DEFINING for me. PS: That sassy cover? so fetch.

Another pic of courtney, love the vintage-like neckless.

Drew Barrymore did the nineties really well with the daisy clips, ringlets, slip dresses, dark lips and especially those guess ads.

Kurt Cobain is one of my favourites, he was the no' 1 nineties icon, fronting the post grunge band nirvana was a great acheivement in itself but what i looked at most was his style, band t.shirts, plaid shirts, oversized cardigans and studded belts. simply genius.


  1. Kurt is one my favourite too :D


  2. Wow!! I didn't know that Drew Barrymore used to do Guess ads! How cool! xxooxxoxoo