Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A smile lights up her stupid face, oh, pretty girls make graves!!!

My new CRAZED clothing obsession is quite the rebellion, HELTER SKELTER or as their hugely inspired by, DEATH-MILITIA is based on the stories of our restless youths, night parties & forgotten memories. Inspired heavily by underground sub-cultures, 1969, military, Led Zepellin, blue oyster cult, 80s metallica, slayer, possessed & the beatles.
Basically its a bunch of t.shirts, some well shreaded, a kool blog & a group of well found distressed looking teenagers. My kind of people.

“Death Militia, the free-spirited of our youths, running wild, spewing forth truths. An army of teenagers, resorting to violence in order to be heard.”

Song of the day- The all american rejects- move along.


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  1. so strange that anyone would want to wear a shirt symbolizing neo-nazi ss bolts or anything resembling them. don't know if it was on purpose but anyone sporting those shirts is asking for an ass kicking in my part of the country.